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Tinta y Tierra was founded by two best friends who found their passion for Calligraphy, together. Coffee shop meets consisted of empowering convos and similar aspirations that led to the creation of our business. Dina is the organized genius while Julie is the design guru. We wanted to combine our talents and create pieces for others and all who share the same artistic fascination as we do. We take on each project as a team and thus, we create pieces utmost care that create lasting impressions for our clients.the with

meet the duo

Hola ladies and Gents! First thing’s first, my name is Julie and I consider my life essentials to be Jesus, Coffee and all things dog/cat, and baby related things. I married my main squeeze in 2016 and it has been a lovebird affair ever since (no babies or pets as of yet, working on the pet part.) I consider myself as an introvert, however, I itch to be put outside of the comfort zone and finds joy in being with people who see the best in themselves, because let's face it, there's enough negativity out there. 


On another note, I have always been intrigued by art and design and find my escape within it. Through life, I have been told I am fairly well at it and it has motivated to pursue other artistic avenues, such as calligraphy. Calligraphy entered my life a few years back and it became a whole new passion of mine. My ‘style’ is hard to put into words, but to give you an idea, I love both boho and minimalistic designs and this has also translated into my calligraphy. I strive to create 'organized' messes that are impressionable. 

Hey there! I’m Dina, the other half of Tinta y Tierra. I function with coffee and live through quotes. A quote I breathe and preach is to follow your dreams, it’s why I am where I am today. I’m an event coordinator by day, a calligrapher by night, and a full-time single mom to my furbaby Gladiator (he’s a Great Pyrenees so the name is fitting). I have always been a social butterfly and majoring in Communication Arts only enhanced that. It’s safe to say I’m pretty extroverted and use that to inspire and motivate others.


I have always been fascinated by different fonts, but never got into typography. I like to express myself creatively and thought it would always be just a hobby. Instead, I followed my dreams and became an event coordinator, but created calligraphy orders on the side for our clients. I get lost in every stroke when creating a calligraphy piece and I enjoy the escape that I thought why not make it more than a hobby? As much as I want to believe I have a free-flowing ‘style’, I can’t help but be structured in my lettering, it’s the neat freak in me.


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